Nanoviricides Inc. (NNVC): Nano Cap Stock On A Raid Fighting Viruses

Although big cap stocks tend to attract a broader range of people it is also interesting to look at less hyped and smaller players in the field. Nanoviricides Inc. (NNVC) is a biotech company that focuses on anti-viral therapy using their specialized technology called nanoviricides.

The anti-viral therapeutics, that Nanoviricides (NNVC) calls nanoviricides, are designed to appear to the virus like the native host cell surface to which it binds. Viruses would not be able to escape the nanoviricide by viral mutations since they continue to bind to the same cellular receptor and thus would be captured by the nanoviricide. Using conventional drugs the escapism of viruses due to mutations is normally a major problem in the treatment of viral diseases. So the nanoviricides deactivate/destroy the virus, a thing which can’t be done by conventional medicines. There are some anti-viral medications already available using virucides-technology, but these are focused on the treatment of Hepatitis C and due to monopoly-positioning remain very costly for patients.

Figure 1 – Nanoviricides. (n.d.). A single nanoviricide micelle may be capable of completely engulfing a Virus Particle. Nanoviricide micelles self-assemble from multiple chains. A single chain micelle shown for convenience. Illustration not to scale.

Nanoviricides (NNVC) hasn’t started any clinical trials on humans yet, but their most advanced product, a dermal topical cream against shingles (NV-HHV-101) passed the safety animal tests and is going into clinical trials on humans soon if the FDA approves their test results filed in their IND application. This indication alone has an estimated market size in billion dollars range. The pharmaceutical company also develops several variations on this drug based on the same principle for the treatment of other herpes viruses, namely HSV-1 cold sores and HSV-2 genital herpes. Their IND application is likely to follow in 2020. The market size of their potential blockbuster drugs in the HerpeCide™ program are estimated into several billions to tens of billions of dollars.

However, investor should be careful investing in this stock since it is a very small and thus low financed company. It has a huge deficit and needs at least another two years to put their first drug on the market, not including potential delays and possible unsuccessful human clinical trials. And if it reaches Phase III clinical trials it needs some sort of cooperation with a bigger pharmaceutical company to continue its trials and get FDA approval. With a market cap of only 12 million and low on cash the company is at a crucial stage of their existence. If you want to make a huge splash buy now and help Dr. Seymour, co-founder and former CEO of NanoViricides, to finish the commercialization of this ground-breaking nanomedicine technology against viruses that he characterized as: “penicillin against viruses”.

Disclaimer: The writer of this stock does not own Nanoviricides (NNVC) stock, this article should not be interpreted as investment advice or anything like that.

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