The Golden Investor Portfolio Performance 2020

Almost a whole year has past since the start of The Golden Investor, so it is time to take look at how the stock picks of The Golden Investor have performed in this extremely abnormal year.

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Over the course of the year The Golden Investor has written on different subjects, but also on different equities and financial products. Since the start of the year The Golden Investor was bullish on precious metals like gold and silver. Following the great resurgence of sustainable equities The Golden Investor also turned bullish on copper in late August. All three commodities have performed well since the time of writing, as can be seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – The Golden Investor Commodity Performance

More interestingly is the performance of the stocks discussed on The Golden Investor. In the following figure all stocks that where highlighted on The Golden Investor are listed. From top to bottom the latest to the earliest stocks are plotted, along with their performance since the time of writing. It is unnecessary to say that shorting the market in May was the biggest mistake of the year, while corona-related stocks, rare-earths and cybersecurity stocks have boosted The Golden Investor Portfolio. While The Golden Investor was not bullish on all stocks listed on this list, it should be noted that experimental and research-heavy pharma stocks like bluebird bio (BLUE) and Clovis Oncology (CLVS) are the main laggards on this list. While The Golden Investor particularly bullish stock cases like Nanoxplore (GRA.V) and Lynas Rare Earths (LYC) have played out well. Take a look at Figure 2 for the performance of all the stocks discussed on The Golden Investor.

Figure 2 – The Golden Investor Stock Performance

Overall, The Golden Investor has performed above average, the only index to perform better than The Golden Investor is the technology driven NASDAQ. Take a look at Figure 3 to see the average performance of The Golden Investor stock and commodity picks. For the next year, however, The Golden Investor expects a shift back from technology stocks towards dividend and value stocks. Next year will be an even trickier year as stock markets remain high, while the economic turmoil seems far from over as the roll-out of corona vaccines has yet to really take off.

Figure 3 – Index Performance Comparison

We wish all our readers all over the world a good and safe Christmas despite the current circumstances. Let’s hope that in the next year not only our portfolio’s will turn positive, but also the world’s current outlook. For next year we hope on many new potential home-run stock picks, while we want to thank our readers for their vast support in 2020. Subscribe for The Golden Investor now and keep yourself up-to-date in 2021.

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