CPI Is Surging: Putting The FED In A Split

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the change in the price of goods and services from the perspective of the consumer. It measures changes in purchasing trends and inflation. In May CPI rose to 5% year-over-year, putting increasing pressure on the FED to ensure price stability, one of the main objectives for the central bank.

Time For TIPS: Inflation Is Already Here

Lately, the stock market’s main fear has been the rise in Treasury yields as vaccine roll-outs continue and seem to be effective. The enormous amounts of governmental spending last year will most likely drive up inflation from the start of the summer far above the 2 percent target rate. Balancing your portfolio is advised as stocks seem to react sluggish to the rising yields.

Redditors Squeeze Out Professional Hedge Funds

As in many states gambling remains restricted, bet puns in those states seem to have found a perfect alternative. The work-at-home environment has inspired many to start investing as bank accounts yield close to nothing, while financial markets reach for all-time-highs. In this ultra-bullish environment small retail investors become increasingly risk-thirsty in their pursue for profits.

Inflation Outlook 2021

After an unprecedented and eventful year, The Golden Investor looks into the future again. Even though the end might be in sight, there is still much economic turmoil to withstand. In this article The Golden Investor tries to qualify the risk for inflation in the near future.

Bitcoin Versus Gold: Winners Of Failing Fiat Currencies

While in recent weeks gold slowly dropped in value, Bitcoin rose a stunning seventy-five percent since late September. Both asset classes have thrived on increasing central bank interventions, boosting safe-haven assets. Which one will prevail: physical gold or blockchain-protected Bitcoin?

Why The Corona Quantitative Easing Is Different And Will Lead To Inflation

The pandemic has initiated unprecedented and unlimited amounts of quantitative easing by central banks. Unlike previous rounds of quantitative easing, this time countries also released extremely high amounts of fiscal stimulus. These extreme amounts of governmental expenditures are possible due to unprecedented amounts of quantitative easing, which will have its consequences on the long run.

Copper: Supply and Demand Moving In Opposite Directions

Today The Golden Investor will focus on copper, the commodity which often correlates with global economic activity. However, in recent months the corona outbreak disrupted markets worldwide. But even though copper lost over a third of its value in the March sell-off, the material has seen a V-shaped recovery in pricing since.

The Central Bank Economy Undermined By Gold

As economies don’t seem to recover as fast as financial markets have recovered, it becomes clearer that we live in a central bank economy. While several countries still struggle with major outbreaks or an up-rise in cases, we face the biggest global economic crisis in human history.

Stock Market Outlook: June Forecast

After one of the most iconic bull runs of the century, yesterday a rise in corona cases and a horrible outlook for the U.S. economy by the Federal Reserve ended it all with the biggest losses since March. The Golden Investor took his profits and sold all its assets including the majority of the miners portfolio. Nothing is safe as the second corona wave hits the United States. On the very short term The Golden Investor expects more losses.

Short Selling Possibilities For Bears

Lately it has been though for skeptical bears on the stock market. For now we look at some short-selling opportunities of stocks which won’t be able to keep up with the current rise of optimism with sufficient quarterly results.

The Indian Economy In Time Of Crisis: An Analysis

In this exclusive The Golden Investor article Charmi Shah provides us with an analytic overview of Indian financial policy during crises. In this article Charmi Shah tries to analyze how India recovered from the global financial crisis and the steps that are being taken by the government to overcome the pandemic.


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