Geely Automobile Holdings Limited (0175.HK): Chinese Automotive Play Could Benefit From Volvo Knowledge Spillovers

Geely Automobile Holdings Limited (0175.HK) is strongly collaborating with subsidiary sister Volvo Car AB of parent company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group – ZGH. These strong relationships could prove profitable for the Geely Holding on the long run.

The Endgame Is Near: The Banking Crisis Of The 1980s May Return And There Is No Real Solution

As inflation surges past 7 percent in the United States and European energy prices are at multi-year highs, central banks may be in their endgame fighting an uncontrollable financial monster.

Leading Edge Materials (STO:LEMSE): Rare-Earth Gamble May Prove Lucrative Under Green EU Pressure

Leading Edge Materials (LEMSE:STO) is a top-runner in the European Union for the provision of critical raw materials necessary for future technologies. Not without risks but with major potential, this stock may perform very well on the long run.

Leverage In Finance : A Two-Edged Sword, How Does It Materialize?

In this guest article Marco Messinese discusses leveraged products, how they function and what the risks are. Investors should be cautious using leveraged products, understanding them is the first step.

IQE (LSE:IQE): 5G Infrastructure Will Be Cash-Cow For This Stock

While stock markets seem to be cooling down, IQE is already trading at new lows after ongoing supply chain disruptions in the semiconductor industry. However, the potential for this stock is high, and positive profit surprises on the midterm likely.

Pretium Resources (NYSE:PVG): Attractive Take-Over Target With Sound Financials

The Canadian gold miner Pretium Resources is positioning itself as great take-over target. The company is generating growing free cash flows after lockdowns weighed down output in their only gold mine Brucejack in British Columbia, Canada.

ETF’s: Diversification Reduces Risk, But Kills Competition

Where ETF’s are great instruments for investors seeking for diversification, common ownership has its drawbacks. In this article we dive deeper in the common ownership trilemma and why common ownership could be bad for our economy.

China Evergrande Group (3333.HK): Chinese Property Giant Could Offset Disastrous Credit Crunch

Exactly one year ago, the most indebted Chinese property developer the China Evergrande Group asked the government for financial support to avoid a credit drought. Since then shares have tumbled more than 75 percent. A default could have major consequences.

Lynas Rare Earths (ASX:LYC): Record Profits For Exponentially Growing Essential Miner

Last year Lynas Rare Earths posted record profits amid growing demand for its products. The largest rare earth miner outside of China has proved its excellent market position is extremely fruitful.

AppHarvest, Inc. (APPH): Vertical Farming Is Fruitful Ground For Growth

Green start-up AppHarvest (APPH) is looking to innovate the farming industry with cutting-edge technologies in their high-tech greenhouse farms. After recent set-backs the stock is trading at affordable heights for high-risk investors.

Nautilus, Inc (NYSE:NLS): Home Exercise During Next Winter Lockdowns

Home fitness equipment supplier Nautilus (NYSE:NLS) reported record revenue growth during the past year. After a huge initial surge during the start of the pandemic Nautilus is still up 200 percent but the stock seems to be cheap at these levels.

Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (SPCE): Commercial Space Tourism Closer Than Ever

Richard Branson’s side-company Virgin Galactic has received approval for a full commercial launch license from the Federal Aviation Administration. The stock is trading at an all-time high, but to what heights can this stock grow?

CPI Is Surging: Putting The FED In A Split

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the change in the price of goods and services from the perspective of the consumer. It measures changes in purchasing trends and inflation. In May CPI rose to 5% year-over-year, putting increasing pressure on the FED to ensure price stability, one of the main objectives for the central bank.

Neo Performance Materials (TSE:NEO): Magnetics and Rare Earths Division Make This Stock Priceless

Neo Performance Materials (NEO:TSE) was boosted by a strong economic recovery as prices for its products rose. With a 2.3% yearly dividend and exposure to a growing market, the stock is set to reach new highs in the future.

ABN-AMRO (AEX:ABN): Bad Performer Could Be A Major Inflation Winner

Even though Dutch bank ABN-Amro just posted a minor loss after swallowing a 480 million euro fine for money laundering negligence. However, considering their low share price at the moment and the inflationary pressure, ABN-Amro could see major gains on the short term.

Turkey Continues To Shoot Themselves In The Foot: Lira Weaker Than Ever

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s failure to recognize the importance to keep inflation down is continuously undermining the stability of the Turkish economy. Without independence for the Turkish Central Bank from the government, more weakness can be expected.

Time For TIPS: Inflation Is Already Here

Lately, the stock market’s main fear has been the rise in Treasury yields as vaccine roll-outs continue and seem to be effective. The enormous amounts of governmental spending last year will most likely drive up inflation from the start of the summer far above the 2 percent target rate. Balancing your portfolio is advised as stocks seem to react sluggish to the rising yields.

Rising Yields: What Does It Mean For The Current Bull Market?

Last week stock markets lost pace and investors witnessed their first large losses since October. The rising yield in the bond market spikes fears for potential earlier unwind of stimulus.

Corona Stocks: When Did Investors Take The Virus Seriously?

Exactly one year ago the coronavirus was spreading through China, while there were several earlier signs of the disturbing spread of the viral disease. Today The Golden Investor takes a look at how corona stocks behaved prior to, and during the outbreak.

Redditors Squeeze Out Professional Hedge Funds

As in many states gambling remains restricted, bet puns in those states seem to have found a perfect alternative. The work-at-home environment has inspired many to start investing as bank accounts yield close to nothing, while financial markets reach for all-time-highs. In this ultra-bullish environment small retail investors become increasingly risk-thirsty in their pursue for profits.

Inflation Outlook 2021

After an unprecedented and eventful year, The Golden Investor looks into the future again. Even though the end might be in sight, there is still much economic turmoil to withstand. In this article The Golden Investor tries to qualify the risk for inflation in the near future.

The Golden Investor Portfolio Performance 2020

Almost a whole year has past since the start of The Golden Investor, so it is time to take look at how the stock picks of The Golden Investor have performed in this extremely abnormal year.

Perion Network (PERI): Israeli Advertisement Company On The Verge Of A Big Surge

After the renewed partnership between Perion Network (PERI) and Microsoft (MSFT) and an increased guidance for Q4 revenue, Perion Network (PERI) stock surged. The Golden Investor thinks their is still more room for growth after the revival of this Israeli tech firm that overcame previous corona losses with great magnitude.

Ping Identity (NYSE:PING): Tech-Stock Worth To Consider After Recent Sell-Off

After the recent sell-off Ping Identity (PING) seems to be reasonably priced at these levels. The stock recovered slightly since their harsh sell-off following their positive, but stagnating revenue in their Q3 report. The Golden Investor thinks this provides the opportunity for investors looking for reasonably priced tech-stocks.

Why An Unknown Metal Like Uranium Could Be A Life-Changing Investment

In this guest article Luca Davoli discusses an undiscovered potential bull market. With a clear analysis he explains that there might be some indicators for potentially large gains in the uranium market.

Bitcoin Versus Gold: Winners Of Failing Fiat Currencies

While in recent weeks gold slowly dropped in value, Bitcoin rose a stunning seventy-five percent since late September. Both asset classes have thrived on increasing central bank interventions, boosting safe-haven assets. Which one will prevail: physical gold or blockchain-protected Bitcoin?

Gold Sell-Off Is Buying Opportunity For Long Term Investors

Exciting vaccine news by Pfizer has pushed precious metals down, especially gold sees safe-haven demand drop heavily under new risk-on sentiment on financial markets. However, long term catalysts for gold have not changed.

The SPAC-Boom: Empty Shells Selling Dreams Or Hidden Gems?

The pandemic has boosted the amount of SPAC IPOs this year. Is the current rise in the amount of SPAC IPOs justified or are we looking at yet another symptom of the over-liquidated financial markets?

NanoXplore (CVE:GRA): On The Hunt For End-Market Solutions For A Graphene Future

NanoXplore, a Canada based graphene company has had major advancements this year. The company has completed the commissioning of its 4,000t graphene plant, which is now the largest graphene plant in the world. And this is just the start.


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