Money Is Not Wealth

The vast increase in government spending in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to question their understanding of money. With any luck, such questioning will lead to a better understanding of money’s proper function and its potential for abuse.

Italy’s Grim Outlook

In this article Dan Mitchell discusses the problems Italy is facing, using the most interesting articles on the Italian economy. With this republished article The Golden Investor dives further into Italy’s troubles.

Holiday Special: Italian Trouble Up Ahead

Italian stories through the eyes of The Golden Investor. Italy’s misery will be even greater if European solidarity lacks. The division between the North and South of Italy is resembling the European disparities and is a major issue.

The ESG Hypocrisy In The Western Investment Management Industry

In this guest article Omar AbouZeid discusses the blind search for high yield by firms claiming to invest ethically. In reality many of those firms invest in perverse high yielding investments in countries which lack environmental, social and healthy governmental structures and policies.

Why The Euro Is Not Likely To Last

In this article The Golden Investor explains why the euro isn’t likely to remain the currency of Europe. Having one currency has benefits, but is unsustainable when European integration lacks.

The Tipping Point For Gold Miners

In this guest article Alfonso Hernández de Castro provides his view on investment in gold miners. With an easy and strategic analysis he will show that gold miners still have room to grow.

Panic Buying, An Economic Perspective

At the start of lockdown measures many people started buying bulk at supermarkets. Where many governments condemned these kind of practices it actually can be very rational for people to make this choice.

QE Infinity Is Here To Stay – Does It Lead To Inflation or Deflation?

In this exclusive The Golden Investor article Fabian Wintersberger gives his own personal opinion on quantitative easing and the damage it caused to the financial system. Nothing is certain, but as more and more experts give their opinion it seems that a financial crisis is imminent. For now, we give the word to Fabian Wintersberger:

European Fiscal Crisis, Round 2?

In this article Dan Mitchell’s gives us his unvarnished opinion about Europe and its economic future. With this republished article The Golden Investor wants to provide an alternative view on the European economy as is given by Dan Mitchell.

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